Terms & Conditions

The Client understands that by making use of Edu-AssistSA’s services, the Client also consents to agree to the terms and conditions of the services of Edu-AssistSA.

The terms and conditions is therefore binding to the Client and it is the duty of the Client to peruse and understand the terms and conditions of Edu-AssistSA before making use of Edu-AssistSA’s services. By signing the terms and conditions emailed to the client, the Client’s conduct can be seen as an adherence to and acceptance of the terms and conditions of Edu-AssistSA.



  • Edu-AssistSA” refers to EDU-ASSISTSA (PTY) LTD. 2016/ 276532 / 07
  • The Client” refers to all clients interested in and applying for any of the above mentioned services offered by Edu-AssistSA (Pty) Ltd.
  • The Child” means the minor that the allocated tutor / teacher / au pair or babysitter is appointed to look after / entertain/ transport / teach.
  • ‘’The Tutor’’ refers to the individual allocated to the specific student to teach / tutor.



  1. Once a candidate referred by Edu-AssistSA commences tutoring with the Client, the Client thereby accepts the terms and conditions of Edu-AssistSA.
  1. All payments due to Edu-AssistSA for tutoring are due before the first lesson commences. Unless arranged otherwise with Edu-AssistSA.
  1. When payments are made, please use the invoice number as the payment reference.
  1. Edu-AssistSA will ensure that prior to introducing you to a Tutor, we have received the following documentation from the Tutor:
    • Evidence to his or her identity
    • Confirmation that the tutor has the training, experience, qualifications which are necessary for the   relevant role.
    • Confirmation that the Tutor is willing to enter into the relevant Assignment.
  1. By accepting the terms and conditions, the client agrees to provide a suitable environment in which the tutoring can take place.
  1. The client does not pay the Tutor directly. Edu-AssistSA will send you an invoice to cover the fee payable to us via electronic transfer. Please add an additional R30 to the invoiced amount should you do a cash deposit, in order to cover banking charges for cash deposits.
  1. Cancellation of lessons: - If you need to cancel or change a lesson, please call or email Edu-AssistSA directly. Lessons that are cancelled by the client with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged for in full.
  1. Rearranging lessons– both, the client and the Tutor must give reasonable notice to each other of any holiday commitments you may have; and any changes to the tutoring timetable necessary because of illness. An alternative date will be arranged.
  1. Replacement of tutors– in the event that the client reasonably believes that the Tutor is not suitable, please let us know as soon as possible. We will then find a suitable replacement.
  1. Any candidate referred to the Client by Edu-AssitsSA will be considered as a referral for a period of 12 months.
  1. Information supplied to the Client by Edu-AssistSA will be confidential and may not be distributed to a third party.
  1. Information supplied to Edu-AssistSA by the client, will be treated as confidential, and will not be distributed to a third party.
  1. Should the Client forward this information to a third party and this would lead to employment of the specific candidate supplied by Edu-AssistSA, the CLIENT will be liable for 100% of the tutoring fee.
  1. The Client agrees to inform Edu-AssistSA of such employment arrangements, should a third party employ a candidate originally referred to the Client by Edu-AssistSA.
  1. Edu-AssistSA cannot accept liability for any false information supplied by candidates to Edu-AssistSA or the Client. We do however take the utmost care to verify candidate information, and all information will be recorded.
  1. Neither Edu-AssistSA nor any of its staff shall be liable to you for any loss, injury, damage, expense or delay incurred or suffered by you arising directly or indirectly from or in any way connected with the introduction or supply of a Tutor to the CLIENT or with any failure by The Company to introduce or supply a Tutor and, in particular, but without limitation to the foregoing, any such loss, injury, damage, expense.
  1. It is the responsibility of the client and the student to ensure that all relevant textbooks and school work is present at all tutoring sessions.
  1. In the event that the Client contacts the tutor in order to render services to the Client on a personal basis, with the exclusion of Edu-AssistSA, the CLIENT and the TUTOR will be held liable for all damages incurred as well as all legal fees incurred by Edu-AssistSA.
  1. The client agrees that Edu-AssistSA will not be held liable for the lack of academic success achieved by the student, even though we strive to achieve success, and assist the student in every way possible. Edu-AssistSA will keep the client up to date in regards to the progress made, as well as the problem areas in regards to the subject tutored.
  2. The Client agrees to have realistic expectations of the grades that the student is able to achieve.

The Client agrees to all the above mentioned terms and conditions when entering into an agreement with Edu-AssistSA.