Edu-Au Pairs


Each family is different and we each have our own individual needs. We believe that there is nothing more important than ensuring that your loved ones are well cared for as well as stimulated on a daily basis as this encourages the learning process.

Happy kids are healthy kids, healthy kids study better!

The Au Pair is there to assist the family with their everyday tasks, offer support to the parents, and to assist the children with homework, entertainment and driving to and from school/extramural activities.



The right au pair is a very valuable asset to a family, as they form a tight bond with the children as well as the parents. We offer placement of Au Pairs who meet the following requirements:

  • Childcare experience and/or qualifications
  • Childcare references
  • Drivers licence and their own reliable vehicle
  • Police clearance checks on request of the family
  • First Aid certificate

When the candidate has provided the above mentioned documentation, we at Edu-AssistSA will then start doing our own background checks, by confirming their documentation.



Complete the online contact form to get in touch with us, we will then give you a call to discuss the requirements for a suitable Au Pair for your family. Once these requirements have been established, we will then start the process by sourcing a suitable Au Pair for your family, one that meets your family’s requirements as well as the high standards that we at Edu-AssistSA uphold.

We will only present the best suitable candidate to your family for an interview, saving you time by narrowing down the shortlist of candidates.



The Au Pair’s primary responsibility is anything and everything pertaining to the child, the duties may vary from one family to the next, as each family runs their household in a different manner.

The duties may include the following, but are not limited to: driving to and from school for drop offs and pick-ups, preparing lunch and snacks for the kids, driving to and from extra mural activities, assisting with homework, projects and exam preparations. Organising of school and sports bags for the next day.

Shopping duties while the children are at school or at sport should the family require assistance, and should it be within the Au Pair’s working hours, taking the children on excursions and doing educational activities with them.

Ensure that the kids’ school uniforms are ready for the next school day.

The Au pair should also assist with organizing the child’s schedule and ensure that they have everything they need for projects and activities at school.

With babies, the Au pair needs to assist with bottle feeding, following the family’s routine and ensure that the infant/toddler receives the necessary stimulation.

The Au Pair should report back to the parents on a daily or weekly basis on the progress of the children, and communicate with the parents on a regular basis.

Should the family require extra assistance within the Au Pair’s working hours such as preparation for dinners, and grocery shopping, then this could also be arranged with the Au Pair.



  1. We only select Candidates whom we would be happy to choose for our own families, no matter how good their CV is.
  2. No registration fees
  3. We are a family owned company, and therefore we understand the importance of family.
  4. We treat each family individually; your needs and preferences are taken into consideration when finding the perfect Au Pair for you.
  5. We never lose sight of our main focus – the KIDS! The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.
  6. Convenience is key; we offer a variety of other services, so why not let us assist you in making your everyday tasks easier.