5 Ways why an early start with private tutoring can benefit your child’s further education.

Statistics have shown that 60 % of students go to College or University unprepared. Starting with private tutoring at an early age will increase your child’s chance of getting into a College or University of their choice.

1. Starting with private tutoring from a young age will help your child to learn concepts slowly and solidly, preventing difficulty of understanding basic concepts at a later stage in their life.

2. All children learn differently. A tutor will get to know your child’s learning style, strengths and difficulties, thus can help your child overcome these weaknesses and focus on using their strengths to help them achieve the results they want.

3. A tutor helping your child with projects and assignments will result into a higher mark to start with in the beginning of the year, increasing their year mark which is important for end year results.

4. Your tutor can focus on teaching your child important study techniques to better their learning ability for College or University.

5. By the help of a tutor in achieving good marks, your child will build confidence and it will motivate your child to study hard. Private tutoring can help your child gain better focus, concentration and the ability to perform during crucial exams.